The Easiest CRM- ToDo Sales App

ToDo Sales app- The Easiest CRM

The movement of internet users from desktop PCs to mobile devices was universal. The turnover were in huge numbers. Internet traffic coming from mobile devices saw an exponential growth from 2009. Today it just simply continues to grow.

This paves the way for change in the way we conduct business. Users and customers both expect information to be available and updated in real-time. People cant just wait till they “get back to the office”.

Your sales teams need continuous access to the very latest business information from colleagues in different parts of the globe and your customers expect a mobile-first experience.

The promise of our ToDo Sales mobile CRM is twofold, including not just mobile access to data but also, and more importantly, the possibility of using our easiest CRM software as a platform on which to build your entire mobile strategy, from branded customer-facing apps to distributed customer service.

Easiest CRM-ToDo Sales mobile app

Introducing the ToDo Sales Mobile app to your sales operation can be a dramatic change for the better. Your sales executives can update and synchronise information on the move, sharing real-time data from across the business. Day-to-day sales tasks are freed from the desktop. So a salesperson carrying a tablet or smartphone can:

  • efficient scheduling with client visit management services.
  • Accessing and updating leads. Moreover, we have,
  • Open and share files
  • Access dashboards

But ToDo’s mobile CRM platform can do so much more for you. Add cloud storage to our mobile CRM functionality and you’re no longer synchronising data with a local copy. Instead, you’re accessing live, centrally held information. That too, from the comfort of whichever device you choose.

Here are some of reasons why our mobile app is not only the best, but the easiest CRM to use in the market:

User friendly

Our user-friendly interface is so easy to use that your sales executives can figure out how the app works within minutes. It entirely improves the experience of sales processing and reporting. It is extremely easy to install .We also provide free training and A/C manager support if needed.

Customer and follow up management

All of the client interaction history will be accessible to your sales executives immediately on the mobile app. This eliminates the hassle of depending on the desktop service to manage and view the required documents while in the field.

Tracking calls/GPS:

location check in services are available to sales force executives in order to keep track of their field visits and also to handle travel expense management, salesforce performance etc. Now, there is no need to manually clock in and clock out “back at the office” when one can just do that on the mobile app!

Target Management:

Your sales team employees can access the weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets that you give them on the phone. Even if you are sitting at home or outside. They can self-evaluate whenever they want in order to improve sales performance with the help of live, real-time data. You, as their employer, can also track performance with the sales data our app individually collects for each sales team member.

Order Management

With the option of managing dealer, reseller, and distributor orders and payments on your smartphone, one can manage orders online on the app efficiently, improving your operation logistics.

Payment and distribution management:

your sales force team can now manage distribution updates and payments in the app itself. With zero dependency on the desktop version, you can update any payment related details on your phone, as per your convenience.

Quotes and Invoices:

sales often require executives to give instant quotations. These can only be updated once they “get back to the office”. Now, employees can provide instant quotes to their clients and update them instantly on their phones on the app. there is an option to generate an invoice as well. This helps them to close sales faster, making the process easier.

Activities and complaint management:

The mobile app provides complaints and internal ticket management. This improves overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Attendance and Leave Management:

All day-to-day activities of sales and service executives are covered in our mobile app. This includes their attendance and leaves. Employees can now clock in and out on their own smartphones.

Stock management:

We provide live stock management on mobile phones that improves the efficiency of order management.

Real-time reports and analytics:

You can now access meeting-ready charts, analytics, and charts on the app. This helps in effective decision making and performance reviews.

Hence, the ToDo mobile app provides you with a seamless experience that doesn’t just end at the desktop. Our easy-to-use mobile CRM software is the best in business with the good technology and practices. Our vast domain knowledge in sales enables us to create a product that is efficient and worth your time and money.

At Kings Labs Technologies, we provide standard & customized CRM solutions. An easy-to-use CRM software like ToDo available on the web & mobile app could be the resource you need to succeed. Contact us at, or call us on +91 8880477700 for a free demo.