How to motivate your Sales team?

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Motivation is one of the most essential components of sustained sales progress over time. As a sales manager or administrator, you can only influence your team’s sales performance in two dimensions: Their skill set (what they can do) and their motivation (how repeatedly or deeply they do it).

Developing your team’s skill set is a largely accurate process. By estimating current performance metrics and comparing them to a successful end state, you can diagnose what areas need development and work accordingly. But motivation is far more difficult. Not only are many external factors influence motivation, but every person also requires different incentives and motivational tactics. Let’s have a look at the following strategies to successfully motivate your team and drive motivation through the roof.

1. Set clear Goals and KPIs(Key Performance Indicator)

When motivating your sales team, keep in mind that they need a clear knowledge of the main goals and preferences. Doubtful Objectives and key results can make your team feel as if they are working hard but not getting anywhere. This leads to stress, tension and eventually may cause professional burnout.

We suggest you set SMART goals. They may become an effective tool for team motivation and enhance the sales process. Another thing to take into account is individual and team KPIs. Always discuss your team performance altogether and enable sales reps to take part in joining KPIs for the next period. This way they will take the job more personally and make larger inputs.

2. Encourage Initiative

If you still wonder how to motivate your sales reps, remember: freedom does make a difference. Give your sales team more freedom of action and you’ll get knocked off your feet with all the artistic ideas. Your trust allows employees to prove themselves and impress you. Thus, you’ll be able to find new talents in case you miscalculated someone before, and bring your sales process to the next level.

One more thing that may boost your sales reps’ initiative and freedom is remote work. Modern trends show that the vast majority of employees prefer to work on their own to hit the highest productivity. So one of the original sales team motivation ideas would be to enable them to work remotely from time to time.

3. Give and Request Feedback

sales team

One of the important components of any team’s workflow is giving feedback. Yet, you should not only connect your performance report to your employees. It is also necessary to ask them for feedback on your communication and cooperation as a manager. An open feedback culture is essential when motivating a sales team. It lets your workers know their strengths and study the skills that require improvement. A good feedback session includes a review of positive and negative points, maintenance, and recommendations. Yet, it is not an annual thing as you may think. The most proper option is to do it quite often, let’s say once a fortnight or once a month.

4. Combine Useful Tools

We all love working with effective digital tools that may help our workflow. And sales teams are no exception. Integration of their favorite apps may help you create better relationships with your employees. It will improve reliability, build trust, and bring joy to your team members.

One of the tools worth consideration is ToDo – a sales CRM Software. It helps the sales team to save their client details easily and also helps to call them from the app itself. It automates data flow and makes information available anywhere you work. Besides, it is easy to use and doesn’t need any special skills, so your employees may start using it right away.

5. Arrange Events, Games, and Competitions

Team building activities are an excellent way to motivate a sales team and boost their spirits. Provide some trip in nature or visit an excellent place as a gift for a good job. This way your workers will have some rest and get filled with positive energy. Many businesses now offer some fun projects right in the office. The team may play table tennis, board games, and also PlayStation. Such things may give a boost, encourage, and motivate to work quicker and more efficiently. Another fun way to motivate a sales team is to create internal competition among your sales reps. Get them into the competitive spirit supporting the most productive employees with a bonus or some extra profits.

6. Award Achievements & Positive Behavior

Managing KPIs and showing good results shouldn’t go ignored. It is always a good idea to give a part of the funds to monthly bonuses for good performance. Yet, you shouldn’t only concentrate on the individual results of your employees. Sometimes, the entire team deserves a bonus for doing a great job: closing deals, working under pressure, or at short notice. And most importantly, you should also concentrate on rewarding positive behavior that you’d like to instill in your sales reps. Encourage them for using a CRM system consistently, performing follow-ups, or doing any other day-to-day tasks that you view worthy.

7. Celebrate your Team’s & Clients’ Success

The power of small successes is impactful. For that reason, remember all achievements of your workers, no matter how large they are. Closing a deal is as crucial as creating new leads, so never miss an opportunity to say good words to motivate your sales team. Celebrating your clients’ success is also important. Thus, your sales process should nevermore end at closing a sale. Get feedback from your customers, ask them to write a review, and share these stories with your team. You know an extreme fire in the eyes may only arise when you know that you’ve done something important and useful.

Surely, there is no specific guarantee that your sales will rise twice or more after you start encouraging your staff. Yet, the result is expected. All you need to do is wait patiently and include all of the tips to motivate a sales team discussed above. Take care of the requirements of your staff and the service is given to clients and you’ll succeed.

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