Top 30 Sales Hacks to Maximize Your Business Growth

sales hacks

Sales Hacks are the techniques used to move your sales pipeline faster, close deals more quickly, close bigger deals and, generate more revenue. Every salesperson and business should aim for a rock-solid sales approach. While there are no alternatives when dealing with prospective sales, there are ways to take the difficulty out of the equation. With the right strategies, you can create more leads and see more conversions frequently.

Science-based selling is a sales technique that involves social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics. This new approach to sales is based on tried-and-tested experimental methods to help increase your performance as a salesperson in every part of the buying process. While most b2b sales best practices center on the salespeople themselves, science-based selling focuses on the most essential part of any sales process – the buyer.

Science-based selling uses scientific research to know what is happening inside the buyers’ brains, and how their brains can be influenced. When you begin selling in a way that matches the way the brain is notified to make purchases, you’ll boost your sales.

Here are 30 sales hacks that are supported by leading sales experts.

1. Know who your perfect client is.

The first step in developing your sales closing rate is to understand who your ideal client is. This will save you a lot of problems because you’ll be able to change engineer the sales process. It will also assist you to cut sales conversations short if they don’t meet specific criteria. You’ll also want to know what your end goal is.

2. Mirroring your prospect

This is simply copying the sound and flow of someone else, which can be one of many powerful sales hacks. In this case, if your prospect talks aloud, then you would do the same. When done perfectly, mirroring can create harmony and eventually increase sales.

For mirroring to be useful, you need to be true. You can do this by;

  • Making your connection first by giving the other person your complete attention. Also, make strong eye contact.
  • Start with mirroring the speed and volume of the other person’s speech.
  • Know their punctuator.

3. Consider Sales as a Sport

When you consider Sales similar to your favorite sport and play it competitively you will enjoy the game and will be happy with your outcome, also just like your game you can improve your results with practice and you get better every new day.

4. Know when to contact your leads.

You don’t want to disturb your leads, but every second count, according to sales hacks experts. That’s because the longer you wait, the less involved the lead becomes. Science shows us that clients will make a purchase the closer in time to when they made the first inquiry. As such, you should try to contact them in five minutes.

Additional research has determined that the best time to call your leads is between 8 am and 9 am and then again between 4 pm and 5 pm. As for the best day of the week, Wednesdays and Thursdays are normally the most effective.

5. Manage your time efficiently

It’s no secret that in sales, time is money. An important sales strategy is to prioritize your time and make the most of every hour you have in the day. To be a great salesperson, your calendar needs to be the first thing you look at in the morning.

One major time loss salespeople’s life is becoming caught up in communication with clients. While you must join with customers on a personal and friendly level, it is important to know when to cut to the chase. When the discussion turns a bit too far away from business, you can gently offer up a later time to get back to the personal side of the discussion. This lets you meet your next customer at the promised time and keep things friendly while maintaining the momentum of your sales pitch moving ahead. 

Focus more time on closing deals that will bring in more money. This does not mean that you should ignore clients ready to spend less money, but it is necessary to prioritize your client list and maximize the use of your hours. 

6. Leverage the Right Technology

Thanks to mobile devices, any client information a salesperson needs is just a few clicks away. The best sales strategy is to use these cutting-edge tools created specifically for your needs. By using the right support to keep your day planned, your clients happy, and all related information available at a moment’s notice, you take the help of some of the most excellent sales-enabling technology in the world like CRM. 

Sales CRM helps you to save all your client details and also can save your follow-up dates. This will helps you manage your time and also to improve your performance.

7. Smile

One of the simplest sales hacks you can do to increase sales is smile. A study found that people who smile seem to be more friendly, polite, and even skilled. Other research shows that smiling makes trust. So smile at your client when you meet him and also smile in between your conversations. This will create a friendly mood.

8. Don’t talk bad about the competition

Speaking bad things regarding other people or companies results in a phenomenon called Spontaneous Trait Transference. The mind works in a way that connects gossip or negativity to the person who is doing the talking. So if you say something negative about a competitor to a buyer, then their brain puts those negative characteristics on you.

9. Remember the power of body language

Effective nonverbal communication is necessary for developing your buyers’ behavior. The study found that salespeople who use effective body language improved their sales numbers by 56%. So body language is an important sales hacks that you have to check while talking to your client.

10. Seek Out Referrals

sales hacks

Word of mouth is still the best, most secure way to reach new clients and earn their business. When a client refers you to a prospect, they’re making a fast and trusting connection that money couldn’t buy. It’s more comfortable than ever to connect with and get that new client. Nothing attracts a prospective customer like hearing positive feedback about a product that could help them, from a match that they respect. Referrals are important to making out a client base because your customers are doing the work for you.

11. Use Social Media to Sell

media to sell outperformed those who weren’t using social media. And sales reps that use social selling are more likely to attain their quota, renewal rate, and forecasting accuracy. As for the most relevant social media network to salespeople, it’s LinkedIn. 40% of salespeople usually use LinkedIn can assign resources to their use of the social network.

12. Personalizing Your Message To Their Pain Points

The key to optimizing each sale is to personalize your message and show that you know exactly the customer’s pain points and how they can be solved. Tightly combined marketing and sales workflows, coupled with strong data analytics that give an accurate view of the customer’s journey, help you return to customers with hyper-personalized messages at the right time.

13. Anticipate objections and practice turnarounds

First, create an ongoing list of objections, questions, and concerns you typically get from prospects. Then, create answers to each. Once you’ve got your list, start preparing your turn-around until they sound natural. As you begin to use this response, you’ll be capable to improve and change as needed depending on the feedback from your prospects and clients.

14. Be an Ambivert

An ambivert is someone who has both introvert and extrovert qualities and jumps between the two without binding to one or the other. For example, ambivert likes being around others, but they also enjoy their lonely time. A recent study founds that qualities of both introverted and extroverted characters have their place in sales, but the key takeaway from the study saw that on average, ambivert salespeople made 32% more revenue than highly extroverted salespeople.

15. Be a Closer, Consultant, or Expert

The experts were naturally gifted in all areas of selling, while consultants managed to focus on listening to their buyers and solving difficulties, while closers were smooth-talkers in turning the biggest leads. Almost 37% of salespeople were considered effective in the long run and these three types of salespeople – closers, consultants, and experts – were among the most successful.

16. Content Marketing

A great sales hack to stay top of mind with your prospects and current clients is to always send articles and case studies related to their business and the services you offer. This will give your prospects your expertise, knowledge of their industry, and your wish to be a partner, not just another salesperson. If these are articles you or your team has written, all the better.

17. Listening to More And Talking Less

Salespeople tend to love to talk, but we always advise our sales team to hear more and talk less. Let the client drive the discussion. Let this person tell you precisely what they want. The client may not have a clear idea of what they are looking for, but you can tell from what’s said precisely which way you need to go. The more you know about this person, the better.

18. Automating As Much Of The Sales Process As Possible

You have to use tools to automate nearly all parts included in the sales process in terms of data collection and lead generation. Also, automate all content and subject matter creation to recognize your sales reps to focus on producing real winning messages.

19. Offer More Than One Option

The number of product options had a big influence. Your buyers are more likely to purchase if they feel confident about their decision. One way to reduce the brain’s understanding of risk is to present more than one option so can they take the “lowest risk” option themselves.

20. Avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy

A phenomenon known as Sunk cost fallacy is what happens when people are reluctant to stop doing something that they have already spent time, energy, and resource on. Thus making a poor situation potentially much worse, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to learn and improve their sales process. Salespeople who avoid sunk cost fallacy can give more of their resources to valuable opportunities.

21. Familiarize yourself with the primary effect

The primacy effect deals directly with the concept of people.

When they are given a sequence of information (numbers, names, features, etc.) the information at the end of the sequence was most comfortable to remember, with the details at the beginning the next remembered. The items in the middle of the list were least expected to be remembered. You can use this idea in your marketing by doing the following;

1.Think about how you present data to potential clients. 

2.Highlight the features that you know will be the most helpful or important to consumers at the beginning or end of your presentation.

3. When presenting three pricing ranges the middle one will be your bestseller. However, if you have more than three tiers of pricing, the first or last price will typically be the top sellers.

22. Get your clients to say “no.”

While all the sales training in the world says you want to get prospects in the mode of saying ‘yes’ repeatedly, the world’s best salespeople get prospects to say ‘no’. Frequently saying yes reduces the importance and confidence of each yes. But if a prospect says ‘no’ to multiple options, when they eventually say ‘yes to the right option, they are very likely to stick with it. This is the specific reason why the best real estate agents show bad houses first, so when the client sees the right one, they jump on it.

23. Create a loyalty program

For your business, loyal clients may value just 12-15 percent of your clients. However, there can be responsible for as much as 70 percent of your profits. Cultivate those relationships by building a loyalty program that pays them for their repeat business. For example, if you run a coffee shop, then you could give a free cup of coffee to a customer after they’re bought ten drinks.

24. Support social causes

70% of millennials stay brands that support the causes that they care about. In other words, if you become more socially conscious, your sales could develop overnight. Stuck on what cause to support? Ask your team. If there’s a problem that they’re passionate about, there’s a good chance it will be something that your audience also cares about. As an added perk, they’ll be more involved in the outreach.

25. How can I help?

These four words are a game-changer. When we ask another person how we can be of service to them, we place ourselves on their side. We become an associate instead of an opponent. In four words, we have invited our clients to share what is most important to them and give us penetration into their pain points. By giving the discussion over to the client, we have become the most influential person in the room.

26. Finding Out A Customer’s Priorities

The real leadership with preference are usually where the money goes. A great sales trick to find these is to look at the job opportunities a prospect has. They will tell much more than words if they are involved in a particular area or not. We have had clients approach us on MSSP/MDR services and when we look at their job postings if they are hiring analysts we know they are not involved in our services.

27. Deep Meeting Preparation

One of the sales hacks is deep meeting preparation. Gather as much information as possible about the company and stakeholders: their roles, the organization, initiatives, successes, failures. In today’s world experts are overloaded and, therefore, don’t take the time to get their prospects fully. At the same time, candidates have less time and tolerance for the usual sales pitches.

28. Knowing Your Product Inside And Out

A great sales hack is knowledge—the knowledge of what you are selling, who you are servicing or selling to, and a clear knowledge of the product or service. Believing in the product or service is key as well. It is difficult to stand behind and sell a product or service you don’t believe in. Knowing your clients’ needs, goals and wants is a huge part of knowing as well.

29. Building Personal Connections

We don’t sales hack in network marketing. We concentrate on developing personal connections. Our independent partners are part of our community because they want something bigger for themselves, and they want to connect others to the same event. It’s a simple sales process focused on changing people’s lives through hard work, a true spirit of community, and dedication to others.

30. Review your performance

Finally, you must evaluate your performance. Monitor your sales. Think out what’s working and what’s not. This involves looking at your marketing channels to see which are most useful. Use data to make improvements and tweaks to your product or service, as well as your sales strategy. When you make choices based on data, you will be far more likely to work in the long run.

Competition is strong in the sales industry, so you need every opportunity to succeed. The good news is that there are many salespeople still relying on old methods and techniques for how to increase sales. These 30 science-based selling techniques are based on tried-and-tested scientific principles that can help you increase your sales. So, the next time you have a sales meeting or speak with a potential new client, try one of them yourself to see the positive impression it will have on your sales pipeline.