What is Sales Management Software & Why do you need it?

sales management software

Sales management is the method of communicating with your leads or prospects and trying to get them to purchase from you. It is the process of planning, staffing, executing, and analyzing your sales team and their goals and outcomes. Sales Management Software refers to the systems that help the sales executives to achieve greater insight into the key performance indicators over the company. Sales management software enables the managers to visualize, in real-time, which sales executives are on the way to reach goals.

For your small/medium business, selecting the right cloud-based or web-based sales management software will help you to save a lot of time. Also, help to improve your employee productivity and help your business to grow and thrive. This software allows you to manage your client and customer relations. And also allows you to manage various proposals, automate your Sales Process, close sales faster and also permit you to obtain information anytime and from anywhere. CRMs also provide improved reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Here’s how sales management software can help your business grow: –

1. Sales Tracking

Many KPIs like your sales pipeline, sales executive performance, close-ratio, the average time taken to close a deal, also target achieved, enable you to increase your sales performance. Sales management software aligns all these KPIs and gives you 360-degree insight into all your sales aspects, giving you a stronger hold over your complete sales.   

2. Visualizing Sales Pipeline

By visualizing your sales pipeline, you can learn where all your leads lie across your sales funnel. You can understand the strategies which encouraged you to convert past leads into your clients. Replicating and fine-tuning these tactics on your existing clients would push them under your sales funnel quicker.   

3. Tracking individual performance

Many individual reports in sales management software help you to know them inside out of your sales reps’ performances. You can identify who is the best performer from this report. Also, the report gives you the method of contact that helps you close maximum deals. By analyzing these reports, you can share valuable insights and also help underperforming sales executives achieve more. 

4. Tracking conversations with your leads

Conversation with your leads is the most critical phase of closing deals. Every conversation your executive has with your leads shows your business’s image. Therefore, it’s essential to keep track of these conversations. You can add comments after communicate with your leads in the software. It helps you suggest valuable insights to your executives and also help them improve their sales pitches.  

Apart from visualizing your sales pipeline, sales management software helps automate your day-to-day tasks which take up a lot of your sales executives’ time and attention.   

5. Sales Automation

Your sales executive has a never-ending list of tasks every day. Now, many of these tasks happen to be normal and could be easily done by machines. You can automate these tasks and help your sales executive focus on the most important task – finding new leads and closing more customers. Task management system in the software helps to assign the task to each sales executive. 

6. Lead Distribution Automation

One of the crucial tasks which you can automate is distributing your leads to your respective sales executive. With sales management software, you can distribute leads to your executives very easily. You can distribute your leads coming in from various cities to your sales team. This saves your inside sales team the trouble of going through every lead and also assigning them to respective sales executives manually.

 While adding new lead details, you have the option to select the assigned user from the drop-down for that particular lead.  

7. Lead Qualification

Your sales team has plenty of leads which they need to contact in a day. An effective method of contacting these leads is qualifying and prioritizing your leads based on various criteria.  In sales management software, the leads can be categorized based on High priority, Warm priority, and low priority. This, in turn, ensures an efficient sales process.   

With ToDo CRM, the sales team can use the sales process framework to work together efficiently and close more deals. With better insights into customers and the Sales Pipeline, salespeople can concentrate more on productivity and logical activities. A sales manager can give proactive direction whenever it is needed the most.

With ToDo CRM, salespeople can simply access the sales data and get all the details for a large aspect of any situation. The sales pipeline model made by the sales management software allows you to immediately solve any issues in the pipeline by filtering the data and understand the details on sales teams, timeline, product, and category anytime.

At Kingslabs Technologies, we provide standard & customized CRM solutions. An easy-to-use CRM software like ToDo available on the web & mobile app could be the resource you need to succeed in the new decade. Contact us at sales@kingslabs.com, or call us on +91 8880477700 for a free demo.