7 Useful CRM Reports Every Small Business Should Use


Reporting capabilities are one of the most important features of CRM solutions, giving teams a summary of their business performance. CRM reports help businesses track their journey toward their goals, identify problems fast, work more efficiently, and also sell smarter. Reporting tools in CRM allow business leaders and other decision-makers to quickly and easily obtain the data they need, precisely when they need it. But what is it about the daily work report in CRM systems that is so useful? To know the advantage of the daily reporting app, one needs to look at the benefits that CRM leads to the table.

CRMs place a notable amount of information at your fingertips, and this information can be interpreted to provide valuable insights into not only customer attention, but also profitability, pipeline effectiveness, goal progress, sales conversion rates, and more. CRMs (sales reporting software) that include built-in reporting software, designed to automatically quantify important data as it is received. It help to combine the gap between cause and effect. Analytics and reporting were known as the most effective useful features of marketing automation software.

Let’s take a look at each type of report you can run in your CRM software and their benefits:

1. Sales Activity Report

This will provide you with a quick view of all the activities that are connected with sales opportunities. By using this CRM report, you can track the phone calls, appointments, actions, tasks, and closed opportunities of all your sales representatives. By taking a look into all the details of each activity, you can recognize the patterns and make corrections in turning the opportunities into and leads into closed leads.

2. Sales Performance Report

Sales performance reports tell you how well your sales reps are doing to close their target number of deals. They also provide you with estimations of the actual and expected value of your pipeline sales. You’ll see the details of all your events over a given period.

3. Sales Pipeline Report

The sales pipeline report will enable you to see all the open opportunities in the sales pipeline and also the possible sales opportunities. With the help of a CRM report, you will be able to set intentions for your sales team and also determine future revenue. You will also be able to get a complete view of the potential sales arranged by the user, customer territory, sales territory, date, products, rating, or a sales stage.

4. Travel log Report

sales crm

The travel log report gives you the complete travel log information of each executive. The time and location of on-duty, off-duty, client check-in, and check-out will be shown in the travel log report. Also, it provides the total number of distances traveled and extra expenses they added. From this, the admin can easily track the sales executives.

5. Sales Call Report

Call reports provide you with the number of calls done by each executive in your company. Also, you can analyze the time spend by each executive while interacting with the customer by taking the call duration time. They also give you insights into whether your reps are spending enough time to develop customer relationships. Moreover, they show you how effective your reps are in turning calls into sales and whether you need to improve the way you get in touch with customers.

6. Cash Collection Report

A cash collection report helps to track cash collected by each executive from clients. It also shows the remaining balance that is pending

7. Client Report

The client report will provide a picture of how leads are coming in. Using this report, you can find out which type of lead is most useful in helping you to grow your business. The reports list the percentage of all the qualified leads which creates the revenue for each lead category. You can also compare how efficient your lead sources are in generating quality opportunities.

CRM reporting is a core CRM feature that provides businesses with summaries of performance metrics relevant to the role of each team member. You can use the insights you get from these reports to increase your sales and marketing operations, as well as to make smarter, data-backed business decisions.

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